Wildfire Wisdom

Help raise awareness about wildfire preparedness:
Enter the Napa Firewise 2021 Wildfire Wisdom Poster Contest


Here is your chance to help teach your community about how to help share the responsibility for wildfire preparedness! Create some art to illustrate things we all can do to prepare for wildfire.  Include a catchy slogan – either invent your own or choose one from the list below. The slogan must follow one of the Wildfire Preparedness themes listed and match the artwork.


Adults (18 years+)

1st place: $200 gift card
3 runners up:  $100 gift card

Teens (12-17 years)

1st place: $200 gift card 
3 runners up: $100 gift card

All registered entries will be featured on Napa Firewise’s website and social media and will be displayed at Senator Dodd’s Holiday Party on December 3, 2021 at the Meritage Resort. (Visit for tickets.) All proceeds from this event will go directly to fund wildfire preparedness and fuel mitigation projects throughout Napa County.


Entries must be received by November 28, 2021

How to Enter

No entry fee.  Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Wildfire Preparedness poster theme (listed below.)
  2. Create your artwork to illustrate the wildfire preparedness action.  
  3. Add a slogan to your artwork that describes the theme. Tip: Slogans can be borrowed, but the artwork must be original!
  4. Submit your original artwork (jpg, png or pdf file) below.
  5. Parent/Guardian must submit on behalf of Youth entries.

Questions? Email

Don’t forget to post your artwork on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtag: #NapaFirewisePosterContest

Poster Themes

The poster must feature one of the following wildfire preparedness themes:

  • Hazardous Wildfire Fuel Reduction such as:
    • Shaded Fuel Breaks
    • Weed Abatement/Weed Removal
    • Vegetation Management for Fire Safety
    • Removal of Ladder Fuels
    • Roadside Vegetation Clearing for Evacuation Route Safety
    • Brush and Wood Chipping for Fire Fuel Reduction
  • Defensible Space – removing flammable materials from around buildings
  • Home Hardening – steps to make your home less likely to catch fire from embers
  • Evacuation Preparedness
  • Reflective Address Signs – so first responders can find your home
  • Red Flag Day – what do you need to do to be ready in case of wildfire?
  • Fire Wise Landscaping and Plants – less flammable choices for your yard
  • Fire Resilient Communities – working together before, during and after wildfire

Need more inspiration?

Explore our website. This Living with Fire brochure also has some good information and inspiration.

Sample Slogans

Feel free to use one of these or create your own!

Sharing the Responsibility
Change the Fuel Load to Change the Fire
Taking Fuel from the Fire
Save Life ‘N Limb
Firefighters: Give Them a Fighting Chance
Get Out on the Open Road!
Reflect to Protect
Harden Your Home, Not Your Heart

We can’t wait to see your art!

Thank you for helping share the responsibility for wildfire safety!

Contest Closed