A Strategic Approach to Wildfire Prevention

October 2022

St. Helena Living- Eden Umble

Wildfires know no boundaries.” Everyone who lives a belly has had a brush with wildfires. For some time, it’s been the uncertainty of evacuating, followed by a grateful homecoming. For others, it means battling a merciless adversary  which threatens or scorches homes, properties and livelihoods, or far worse: losing everything. The undeniable effects of climate change – years of drought and hotter temperatures creating tender – dry – are all around, and the best defense in addition to fighting the fires directly, is to create a wildfire resilient community that helps stop wildfires before they start or spread. They coming actively involved in wildfire pre-preparedness and defense, sharing responsibilities with our fire fighting community an emergency sponsors, St. Helenans can create a better outcome for themselves and their neighbors. 

Fortunately, the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation (Napa Firewise) and it’s highly proactive Fire Safe Councils (FSCs) throughout Napa Valley including in and around St. Helena, are here to help. Formed in 2004 by concerned fire professionals and community leaders to address the volatile wildfire fuel build up throughout Napa County, Napa Firewise and the local FSCs it supports have grown. They are now the premiere volunteer organization working with our community leaders to change the way Napa County residence and communities think about, prepare for, defend against and stop the spread of wildfires.