Your Burning Questions: Winter Defensible Space

Winter is a great time to work on your Defensible Space. Selectively cutting and piling excess vegetation to reduce the amount of flammable material is an essential step in safeguarding your home from wildfire.

The Importance of Defensible Space

Good defensible space has proved to be incredibly important, allowing firefighters to put fires out before they become larger wildfire events

CAL FIRE Strategic Plan 2024

CAL FIRE is planning for its future and setting a direction for the what the coming years should look like for all levels of the department

Equipment Use Safety

Are you doing the right thing the wrong way? For example: are you trying to eliminate the fire hazards around your home and in the process starting a wildland fire?

Hazardous Fuel Inspections

Cal Fire/Napa County Fire teams are beginning inspections, looking to clean up potentially hazardous fuel as we prepare for fire season in Napa County.

Tips to fire harden your home

Remember, the main reason for implementing defensible space is to protect your home from an advancing wildland fire. Fire hardening should be part of your overall plan.