When it comes to wildfire, no single person alone can protect a community. The Napa Communities Firesafe Foundation is made up of neighborhood Fire Safe Councils (FSCs) who join forces to effectively reduce and prevent wildfire losses by mobilizing residents to protect their homes, communities and environments from wildfire. Our Fire Safe Councils are often sparked by a catalyst – perhaps a recent fire or a group of neighbors eager to spread a fire safe message – then embraced by the community, which turns that initial interest into a committed group that finds ways to empower the residents to do their part to make the community safer.

Our FSCs are working hard to educate homeowners about Fire Safe activities while working with local fire officials to design and implement projects that increase the wildfire survivability of their communities. Many of our Fire Safe Councils have successfully implemented such projects as hazardous fuel reduction projects, community wildfire protection planning, and homeowner training. Two excellent examples of this are the Angwin Fire Safe Council and the Mt. Veeder Fire Safe Council.

Fire Safe Councils

Following is a list of current Fire Safe Councils with contact information.

Even if you do not reside within one of these areas, you are still critical in helping us prevent wildfires. To stay informed and help first responders know about you and your property, complete the information we use in the event of a crisis situation.



Peter Lecourt, NCFF Liaison
Paula Peterson, FSC Co-Lead
Margo Kennedy, FSC Co-Lead

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Atlas Peak

Tom Vreeland, FSC Lead

Berryessa Estates

Clinton Heise, FSC Lead
John Hallman
Gail Bickett

Berryessa Highlands

Susan Sedillo, FSC Lead
Evan Kilkus, FSC Alternate



Piper Cole, NCFF Liaison

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Deer Park

Christopher Thompson, NCFF Liaison/FSC Lead
Roger Lutz, FSC Co Lead

Diamond Mountain

Jerry Newell, NCFF Liaison/FSC Lead
Dawnine Dyer, FSC Co-Lead

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Gordon Valley

James George

Hennessy Rector

Howell Mountain

Mt. Veeder/Dry Creek

Joe Nordlinger, FSC Lead

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Susan Deringer, FSC Co-Lead
Renee Acosta, FSC Co-Lead

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Soda Canyon

Barbara Guggia, FSC Co-Lead
Cindy Grupp, FSC Co-Lead

Spring Mountain

Shari Gardner, FSC Co-Lead
Pam Bergman, FSC Co-Lead

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St. Helena

Grant Showley, FSC Lead

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