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These are hard times, but it is imperative we Calistogans remember the threat and realities of past fire seasons. When it comes to wildfire, no single person alone can protect a community. That’s why we are starting a Calistoga Fire Safe Council.
Calistoga FSC

A Fire Safe Council is a group of committed volunteers who live in the area and join forces to reduce the impact of wildland fires by mobilizing and informing residents like you about protecting your home, communities and environments from wildfire and to help you do your part to make the community safer. We are your neighbors. We’re all in this together when it comes to wildfire. We are here to help.

Here are some of the key things that a fire safe council can do:

  • Identify the wildfire risks that exist in the Calistoga area on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis and suggest ways that those risks can be reduced.
  • Apply for grants to actually reduce some of those risks (e.g. for clearing the brush near roadways for faster and easier evacuation, if that becomes necessary)
  • Provide timely information for reducing the amount of burnable vegetation around your home
  • Identify free programs (e.g. chipping) that might help you in your defensible space efforts
  • Provide information about home improvements you can make to improve the chances of your home surviving a wildfire.
  • Develop emergency contact and evacuation plans for our neighborhood
  • Gather information about each home and its residents (including animals) to help first responders save lives and property

We are working hard to educate homeowners about fire-safe activities while working with local fire officials to design and implement projects that increase the wildfire survivability of our community.


Latest News

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    The Calistoga FSC created a Reflect to Protect campaign, providing households with free reflective signage to aid in fire preparedness.

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  1. Complete a Notification Form through the Bay Area Air Quality Management
  2. Email it to
  3. When you get an invoice number, to go this site to make payment

For more information on burn permits in Napa County, please refer to: Napa County Burn Permit Information

Community Meeting Notes

June 24, 2020 Virtual Community meeting

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