Pile Burning

All around Napa County, fire is one of the tools being used to reduce wildfire fuels. Napa Firewise and partners have pile burns for 15 locations.

Your Burning Questions: Winter Defensible Space

Winter is a great time to work on your Defensible Space. Selectively cutting and piling excess vegetation to reduce the amount of flammable material is an essential step in safeguarding your home from wildfire.

Napa Firewise CEO – Joe Nordlinger 

With the benefit of mild summer weather and a wet ’22/’23 winter, Napa County avoided large wildfires this season. Summers like these are needed for the community to press our advantage […]

Veterans Home Fire Break

The western perimeter of the Veterans Home campus is exposed to rugged steep hillsides of unmanaged and densely overgrown vegetation. This fuel break project will help defend the Vets Home […]