Berryessa Highlands Sheep Grazing Project

Targeted, concentrated grazing is an effective way to remove unwanted vegetation quickly and naturally, particularly on steep terrain that’s difficult for machines to access. Sheep are excellent at “mowing” down […]

The Growing Megafire Crisis — and How to Contain It

Megafires, or fires that burn more than 100,000 acres, are becoming more frequent worldwide, wreaking havoc on landscapes and communities — and fire experts say the problem is only going to get worse. George T. Whitesides is focused on fighting these devastating natural disasters through innovative technologies and intentional changes to how we build communities.

The Importance of Defensible Space

Good defensible space has proved to be incredibly important, allowing firefighters to put fires out before they become larger wildfire events

Silver Trail/Milliken Creek Fuel Reduction Project

After consulting with CalFire and firefighting professionals, the Silverado Fire Safe Council (FSC) undertook its first “Council-funded” fuels reduction project behind homes on Silver Trail alongside Milliken Creek. The result is remarkable