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How to Get Involved in Napa Firewise

  • Join a local Fire Safe Council. That is the first step because your neighbors and neighborhoods need your help!
  • Become familiar with signage required by Napa County Fire Department
  • Canvas the neighborhood and note which properties do not have 911 signs. Contact those neighbors and alert them to the code requirements and urge them to comply.
  • If you are able, help your neighbors to install those signs, or ask the Boy Scouts or some organization to do so.
  • Understand the area within which you live, its vulnerabilities, best way in and out. Then socialize that information to your neighbors through Next Door or through your local email groups.
  • Get more of the neighborhood involved through Next Door, Facebook, local email groups.
  • If you live within a Fire Safe Council (FSC), make your neighbors aware of it.
  • Make a neighborhood phone/email tree.
  • Identify which neighbors might need assistance in evacuating.
  • Identify block leaders and have them monitor Napa County Fire Department frequency.
  • Support your local fire departments
  • Become a volunteer firefighter!
  • Donate to Napa Firewise!