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For burn permits in Napa County, please refer to: Napa County Burn Permit Information

Information cleaner burning practices: Learn to Burn Better

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Looking for info on an active fire event? Please use the following resources for information. In the event of a fire emergency in your area, please adhere to all orders as directed by first responders and law enforcement.

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October 12, 2022

June 2, 2022

April 19, 2022

Amy Bach, of United Policyholders discusses buying home insurance in crisis conditions. The webinar tackles how to keep your home insured when your options are limited and premiums are climbing.

September, 2021

Napa County Code Enforcement Officer, Erick Hernandez, discusses various types of tools to help create & maintain defensible space on your property. He also shares the City codes surrounding defensible space, as well as how to work with neighbors around property lines.

Creating Defensible Space was produced for the San Luis Obispo County Community Fire Safe Council and is an excellent source of information for the homeowner on building defensible space
Volume I

California Living: Fire Safe shows how to become fire safe from low-cost maintenance projects to fixes and remodeling. When it comes to fire safety, the effort you invest now will pay off, even if you never experience a wildfire.

Volume II
Volume III
December 6, 2022

What Can We Do to Help Homeowners Be Less Afraid of Wildfires? (And Better Understand How to Make Their Homes More Fire Resilient!) Lecture by David Shew, Wildfire DefenseWorks.

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