Cleaner Burn Overview and FAQs

This Frequently Asked Questions FAQ document provides a great intro to Cleaner Burn, including its definition, benefits, options, and use in Napa County. The Napa Valley Grapegrowers provides excellent information […]

Cleaner Burn Best Practices

Low Smoke 6 Steps (English) & Low Smoke 6 Steps (Spanish) Join Napa RCD, Napa Green, Sonoma Biochar Initiative, and Pacific Biochar for a workshop about the benefits of biochar […]

Cleaner Burn Permits and Regulatory

The permissive burn season for Vineyard/Orchard Pruning and Attrition fires runs from November 1 through April 30. Orchard Pruning and Attrition fires are agricultural fires set for the purpose of […]

Cleaner Burn Technology & Equipment

This document contains pictures and descriptions of a wide range of wood processing and Cleaner Burn equipment: Photo courtesy of Sonoma Biochar Initiative

Rural Cleaner Burn

Rural landowners may also make use of Cleaner Burn strategies to reduce smoke and eliminate biomass effectively but during certain times of the year, when fire danger is high, rural […]

Cleaner Burn = Biochar

Biochar is the lightweight black residue, made of carbon and ashes, remaining after Cleaner Burns of biomass. Biochar captures the carbon from within biomass so that it does not escape […]