Cleaner Burn Permits and Regulatory

The permissive burn season for Vineyard/Orchard Pruning and Attrition fires runs from November 1 through April 30.

Orchard Pruning and Attrition fires are agricultural fires set for the purpose of disposing of periodic prunings or attrition losses from fruit trees, nut trees, vineyards, and cane fruits. These fires are limited to materials grown on-site and must be set or allowed by the public fire official having jurisdiction. Items like feed or fertilizer containers finished or treated wood, and plastic or rubber products are not allowed to be burned. These fires must be necessary for maintaining and continuing the growth of fruit trees, vineyards, and cane fruits as a gainful occupation. Notification of these burns and notification fee payments must be sent to the Air District before burning. To find out how and when open burning is allowed in the bay area, what burn types are acceptable and the process for notifying the Air District general information can be found on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District website.

To understand the process, we recommend reading the advisory notice on the process.


  1. To start the process, fill out this online form through the BAAQMD. Based on your answers, you might need your local fire Marshall’s name for this form, which you can find on the Napa County website.
  2. To continue the process, visit the CAL Fire Burn Permit website – you will need to watch a video on how to burn safely and then apply for the permit. You will not need this CalFire permit if you are inside the LRA (local responsibility area) and the website will determine that for you.

You will then be notified by the respective agencies on your approval.