CAL FIRE Opens 45-Day Comment Period Regarding Remapping Fire Hazard Severity Zones

CAL FIRE received over 1,100 comments on the Fire Hazard Severity Zones (FHSZ) remapping for the State Responsibility Area. They now have opened a new 45 day comment period from June 26 – August 9, 2023. For details see

Below is a summary put together by United Policy Holders to highlight where to get more information on the new maps.  The data package will help show specific changes, or you can see them on the revised map viewer for your lands.  

Revised Map Changes: 106, 543 acres with Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) down 67,096 acres affecting 52 counties

Public Comment Period: June 26, 2023 – August 9, 2023

Public Fire Hazard Severity Zone Website:

Revised Map Viewer:

Acres Change County Breakdown:

Data Package (Intermediary Data Set):

Short video explaining the data:

Short video on the Project Status: