Spring Mountain

Spring Mountain FSC

A Fire Safe Council is a group of resident volunteers organized to promote fire safety and preparedness in their neighborhood

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Latest News

  • 1st phase Spring Mountain Fire Safe Council fuel break 

    Spring Mtn Fire Safe Council completed the first phase of a shaded fuel break on parcels bordering Hwy 29 and Bothe Park targeted grazing

  • Spring Street Clean Up

    St. Helena and Spring Mountain Fire Safe Councils recently completed a joint project on the west side of St. Helena. The Spring Street project creates a shaded fuel break on either side of Spring Street at the far edge of town.

  • Roadside Vegetation Cleared Along St. Helena’s Spring Street

    The Napa Communities Firewise Foundation, together with the Spring Mountain and St. Helena Fire Safe Councils, on Sunday announced the completion of a wildfire safety project on the west side of St. Helena.

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A limited amount of grant funding is now available and could help you make the area around your home safer from wildfires.


Wildfire Home Retrofit Guide

Here is a fairly new UCANR booklet on how to help make your home more resistant to wildfires. There are several other very good articles about wildfires on their site.
Visit the UCANR website
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Green Reflective Address Sign

First responders need to be able to find your residence at any time & especially in emergencies. The more you help make their job easier, the faster they can move through neighborhoods helping everyone. 

Reflective address signs (referred to as ‘911’ signs) are the best way to ensure first responders can find you. They are especially critical in areas where multiple residences share a common driveway. Napa County Fire Dept. regulations provide specifications for these required signs. Signs are generally 6” height by 18” – 24” width, with 4” reflective numbers on a green background, oriented either vertically or horizontally, and must be double-sided so they are visible from both directions. 

Spring Mountain Fire Safe Council’s goal is to ensure that the 200+ parcels with in the FSC boundary have installed these life-saving signs through a coordinated effort by Neighborhood Block Captains. 
Spring Mountain FSC Boundary