Coombsville-Wildhorse Valley 

  • Acres: 10306
  • Est. Population: 2049
  • Structures: 2122
  • Status: Active
  • FSC Lead(s): Eileen Pereira, Richard Goss
  • Email:
Coombsville-Wildhorse Valley FSC

The Coombsville & Wildhorse Valley Communities have formed the Coombsville-Wildhorse Valley Fire Safe Council (CWFSC).  The first meeting to form and initiate the group was held in May 2022.  This is a group of volunteers, all residents, within the CWFSC area.  See Map 1.

Napa County has been impacted significantly by fires which have been occurring  with frightening regularity in the recent past.  County Fire Fighting Resource efforts are stellar, however, these resources are limited and need to be supplemented.  We, as a community, need to step forward to unite and supplement these efforts.    We need to remember the threat, the impact and the reality of wildfire and present a united front in assessing our risk, keeping each other informed and connected and working together to make our homes and neighborhoods safer.

We have formed the CWFSC to help our community by communicating with residents about means, methods and resources available to protect your homes, our community and our environment from wildfire.  We have to come together as a community and each do our part to support this effort.  The benefits of working together promise to be far ranging and material.

Coombsville Wildhorse Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Latest News

  • The Importance of Defensible Space

    Good defensible space has proved to be incredibly important, allowing firefighters to put fires out before they become larger wildfire events

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National Firewise USA Program Certificate for Coombsville Wildhorse FSC