For anyone who was unable to attend the August 24, 2021 webinar on wildfire home safety, we have included a video recap below. We have also made the slide deck presentation available. We hope it will be beneficial in preparing your home for wildfire season.


Presentation Files

Webinar Q&A

911 Signs

Defensible Space

General Defensible Space Requirements

5-Foot Zone Around Structures

30-Foot Zone Around Structures

100-Foot Zone Around Structures

Defensible Space Resources

Actions of others

Fuel Mitigation

Fuel Mitigation Funding

Fuel Mitigation Prescribed Fire

Fuel Mitigation in Riparian Zone

Fuel Mitigation for Water Supply

Emergency Warning

Fire Suppression

Forest Management: Dead Trees

Fire Safe Councils (FSC)

Home Hardening and Fire Protection


NCFF and the 5 Year Plan

PG&E Cut Tree Removal

Post Fire Recovery: New Vegetation Management

Post Fire RecoveryErosion and Mudslides

ZoneHaven – Evacuation Information