Is Your Go-Bag Ready?

In the event of an evacuation, we want you to be as prepared as possible. This involves having the necessary supplies to care for you and your family.

Why Fire Safe Councils?

The twelve Fire Safe Councils of the Napa Communities Firewise foundation span Napa County from Calistoga in the northwest to Gordon Valley in the southeast. Covering non-incorporated areas of the county, our councils help…

Address Signs: What You Need to Know

First responders need to be able to find your residence at any time – but especially in emergencies. The more you help make their job easier, the faster they can move through neighborhoods helping everyone…

Safety Tips for Hand & Power Tools

When working with hand tools, it is best to have personal protection, which includes proper long-sleeved clothing, gloves, hardhat, boots, eye protection, and noise protection equipment. The sharpest tools are […]

Defensible Space Guide

Where should I create Defensible Space on my property? Download a custom map report to see where to create Defensible Space on your property by managing vegetation at least 100 feet […]