It Is A Red Flag Day – Now What?

What Should I Do?

  • Fuel up your car
  • Point your car away from your home for quicker egress
  • Unlock your gate, (open your automatic gate)
  • Open your garage door or disengage the automatic system
  • Cycle your generator
  • Make sure hoses and water are accessible and in working order
  • Remove seat cushions and other flammable material from your porch
  • Remove material that’s stored up against your home (like trash bins)
  • Clear off your deck above and below
  • Move your barbecue propane tank away from your house
  • Remove debris from your roof and gutters
  • Close doors and windows
  • Place your “go bag” in the car or near your front door, this may be all that you take so have what you need: Papers, Medicines, Passport
  • Charge your phone (be aware of a planned PSPS)
  • Have a good flashlight and batteries ready
  • Have a crank-up or battery operated portable radio (know the stations 1440AM/99.3FM)

What should I Avoid?

  • Do not use power equipment outdoors near or on dry grass (seasonal grass)
  • Be mindful of your outdoor activities (The Mendocino Complex fires started with a person hammering a metal rod outdoors)
  • Do not use metal bladed weed-whacking equipment in dry grass
  • Do not park your car over dry grass
  • Do not open burn
  • Be mindful of pulling trailers or using defective equipment that could spark a fire
Don't Ignore Red Flag Warnings


Visit to learn about preparations for wildfires, heatwaves, power outages, and more.

Sign up for ALERT Napa County.

Find your evacuation zone number.

Information about Watch Duty, a useful app to keep track of fires in your area.

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