What Should I Do?

  • Fuel up your car
  • Point your car away from your home for quicker egress
  • Unlock your gate, (open your automatic gate)
  • Open your garage door or disengage the automatic system
  • Cycle your generator
  • Make sure hoses and water are accessible and in working order
  • Remove seat cushions and other flammable material from your porch
  • Remove material that’s stored up against your home (like trash bins)
  • Clear off your deck above and below
  • Move your barbecue propane tank away from your house
  • Remove debris from your roof and gutters
  • Close doors and windows
  • Place your “go bag” in the car or near your front door, this may be all that you take so have what you need: Papers, Medicines, Passport
  • Charge your phone (be aware of a planned PSPS)
  • Have a good flashlight and batteries ready
  • Have a crank-up or battery operated portable radio (know the stations 1440AM/99.3FM)

What should I Avoid?

  • Do not use power equipment outdoors near or on dry grass (seasonal grass)
  • Be mindful of your outdoor activities (The Mendocino Complex fires started with a person hammering a metal rod outdoors)
  • Do not use metal bladed weed-whacking equipment in dry grass
  • Do not park your car over dry grass
  • Do not open burn
  • Be mindful of pulling trailers or using defective equipment that could spark a fire
Don't Ignore Red Flag Warnings