two baby black goats with blue collars

Meet our new mascots

This goat brother and sister duo has joined our team.

Goats (and sheep) are a very useful (and fun) option for reducing excessive vegetation in wildfire prone areas. We couldn’t think of better mascots to help share our message of wildfire fuel reduction!

We need your help! These baby goats do not have names! Follow the link below and submit your best pair of names for our new mascots.

All participants will be entered in a drawing for some wonderful prizes, thanks to our sponsors. If you are a business and would like to join our list of sponsors, please contact us at

Enter today, tell your friends and make sure to follow us on your favorite social media platform!

Submit your suggested names for our new sister and brother goats and be entered to win fun prizes from our generous sponsors:

Submit Your Baby Goat Names

Mascot Naming Contest Rules:

  • This contest is open to Napa County residents only. NCFF employees are not eligible for any prizes.
  • Contestants must enter one pair of names, one name for each baby goat. 
  • Names must be appropriate and family friendly. 
  • Only one entry per household, please 
  • This contest will have two segments. The first segment: NCFF staff will choose the top (6) pairs of names from all names entered. The second segment: online voting by the public for the most popular names from this list. 
  • All contestants in this contest will be entered into a drawing for prizes that have been donated by our sponsors. 
  • The contestant whose pair of names is voted as the top choice will have bragging rights and have their picture taken with the goats and featured on our website. We will bring the goats to you for a special photo shoot!
  • If, in the event that the same pair of names is submitted by more than one contestant, only the first entry will be accepted and eligible for the grand prize of bragging rights and photo with the goats. The eligible submission will be determined based on the time stamp of when the entry was submitted. All contestants who submit an entry will be entered into the drawings.
  • Contestants agree to join the NCFF email list to learn more about community wildfire preparedness.