Reflect to Protect: Timeline

  • May 15: Orders close on website
  • May 16: Analyze and organize the orders
  • May 17: Place order for all of the stickers (Evacuation Zones, Pool, Water Tank, Turnaround) and have them sent to our sign vendor
  • June 3: Send the sign vendor the number of each size sign we need so that they can have the materials on hand when the stickers arrive
  • June 7: Organize the sign orders by neighborhood, so that the signs will come bundled in a way that makes it easy to divide them up for installation, and send this information to the sign vendor
  • While we’re doing this, Bank of the West will determine how many volunteers they need for installation and determine the schedule
  • At the same time, we will figure out what materials we need for installation (posts, bolts, etc) and order those so we have them ready when the signs arrive.
  • Once the signs arrive, the installation materials are in place and the volunteer teams are ready, we will start the sign installation. We’ll let you know through our Newsletter when that will be.
  • On the day of installation in your neighborhood, you will see wonderful volunteers from Bank of the West (and perhaps some from Calistoga Rotary and NCFF as well); be nice to them, they are there to help, and it wouldn’t hurt to say “Thank You!”