Sesión Informativa de Ag Pass 2023

Napa Valley College

El comisionado de agricultura del condado de Napa facilitará una sesión informativa de Ag Pass para 2023

2023 Ag Pass Informational Session

Napa Valley College

The Napa County Agricultural Commissioner will be facilitating an Ag Pass Informational Session for 2023 Ag Pass holders with presentations by Napa County Fire, Napa County Sheriff, and University of California Cooperative Extension. Instructions for Ag Businesses Commercial ag producers

Pile Burn Workshop

Winter can be a great time pile burning brush and other woody fuels around your home. Learn how to construct and prepare hand piles take skill and an understanding of safety and weather considerations to minimize the risk of escape.

150-Year Fire Vegetation History Webinar

Integrating a wide variety of sources reveals the surprisingly dynamic patterns of chaparral, hardwood and conifer woodlands in response to wildfire, timber harvest, and wildfire suppression.

Wildfire Resilience Decision Support Framework

Sonoma County's Wildfire Resilience Decision Support Framework. It is a set of online tools and resources intended to support the planning and implementation of fuel management projects.

Fuels Reduction Workshop

Join Napa County Fire, Napa Firewise and Hennessey Rector FSC for a site tour of fuels reduction projects and an educational class