Mayumi Sakazaki A Perspective 

February 22, 2023 I contacted Eric Hernandez of the Napa County Fire Department for an inspection of our homes at the beginning of this year. He said Mondays and Tuesdays are good days for the firefighters. Based on travel schedules and weather, we decided that Monday, February 20th would be a good time for an Engine to visit and it was! 

 In 2017s, the fire destroyed 14 homes out of 29 homes. Six were rebuilt, and two are under construction. In total, 21 homes were candidates. With homeowner approval, the firefighters can enter a property and offer suggestions for making the property more fire safe. Vicki Hamilton, our representative to SPOA, and I made the calls.  

At 9 am, Eric and an engine truck from #25 station with three firefighters arrived. We split into two groups, and Vicki and I went with each group to homes with homeowners present or to those who had given us permission to walk the perimeter of their property. A report will be provided to each home giving them advice and will include a certificate of a fire-safe home. This certificate may help you negotiate with your insurance company.  

The inspection took about two hours, and afterwards, we met at our home for coffee with the fireman and our neighbors. They gave us a chance to ask about anything related to preventing fire. There were no significant problem areas, but the fire department stressed how important it is to have house numbers that are easily seen from the street such as the black and white stenciled curbside numbers. 

 It was an excellent way to meet the firefighters and get to know our neighbors who all have the same goal to make our neighborhood safe and help one another in case of an emergency!  

We encourage everyone to take this excellent opportunity to network and work together on the prevention of fire.  

Thank you,  

Mayumi Sakazaki  

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